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My research interest has been in Artificial Intelligence or AI. To me, AI is a very broad subject. Generally speaking, my work is divided into two groups. In group one, I figure out: what is going on in our biological mind; is there any minimum set of high-level rules governing this process; how they can be best approximated by established computer technology; what applications and implications do they have. In group two, I am doing lots of innovative framework researches regarding the architecture of computing paradigms in the future. I believe that the computing paradigm will be centered on intelligence. My major work time in this area has been devoted to the design and implementation of a distributed game engine. It can be regarded as a platform or networked virtual reality (VR) environment, where intelligent entities are situated and communicate with each other as well as human avatars. One can keep track of my work at ParaEngine website.

I love sports and am pretty good at what I loved. However, after the unexpected "fall", I was careful not to play intensive games. Ever since, I play tennis quite a bit.

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The Company

Click http://www.paraengine.com to go to the Company Web Site. It is still under construction.

My articles

Game Engine Introduction A short introduction to game engine from my own prospective.

Useful staff on this web site

I provide direct download to dozens of my research papers. I would like to hear your feedback on them. I also provide a number of downloads to my completed software projects, documentation, tutorials, movies, etc. There are many miscellaneous spots on this web site, linking to interesting pages. They may be a tutorial I wrote for other people in my group, my thoughts, my blog, etc. I hope people whose interests overlap with mine will find some useful staff on this web site.

Research statement

Broadly speaking, I am interested in using intermediate technologies as well as hypothetical frameworks to bridge the gap between the biological mind and man-made systems.My current interests and major research background are in game engine for distributed Internet games, multi-agent system, semantic web, new programming methodology, human computer interface and networked virtual environment. I am also familiar with computer hardware, such as HDL, SOC, computer architecture, embedded devices etc.

Statement of purpose

[Download] click the previous link to download my statement of purpose. This is the one I wrote for applying for my graduate study in 2005.Click here for the old index page which I made for applying for graduate study in 2005. But I turned out to initiate a .tech company at Shenzhen in that year.

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